"Gummo" Remix - Sparc Dinero




About Never Turn Back Music Group.

NTB is an independent rap/hip-hop label & recording studio that originated in America’s Music City by Sparc Dinero. NTB has released 2 major projects since its birth in 2015: “Nashville’s Greatest” [prod. by DJ DubbDizz] and “Alien Rap” (featuring Sandy). Although only 2 songs from “Nashville’s Greatest” are featured on an online platform (“Jeffrey Dahmer”- Sparc Dinero ft. Grim Reefa Prod. DJ DubbDizz & “We Workin”- Sparc Dinero ft. Sandy), you can stream “Alien Rap” for free via YouTube & SoundCloud. Sparc Dinero’s newest project “Playing For Keeps” is scheduled for release on March 31st, 2018. As well as “Alien Rap”, right above you can also find all of Sparc Dinero’s single released (non-major project) songs. These non-project songs are released on YouTube & SoundCloud at least (if not, more than) once a month so be sure to listen to, subscribe & download your NTB music today! If you are an up and coming artist, producer or engineer looking to expand your talent, contact our team at